15 Chord Conversion Kit

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This conversion kit comes with everything you need to turn you harp into a 15 cord. Everything is included and is easy to do yourself. Great value if it is time to replace your harps felts too, to keep from buying replacement chord bars.

"When you see the name Oscar Schmidt Autoharp you know you will be getting quality, history, and unparalleled standards. Our Autoharps are the original and with a history spanning over 100 years, you know you are getting the best. All the Oscar Schmidt Autoharps are made from premium woods, top quality hardware, and are each inspected and adjusted by a certified and skilled technician. These qualities allow for smooth fret ends, precision low action and resonant sound quality and are all brought to you at our unbeatable prices.
The Fine Tuning System that many of our Autoharps feature, is a must have for the serious player. This tuner sits on the bridge of the Autoharp and can be used for those precise adjustments to the pitch of the string. This will allow for an even more perfect sound.
The pin blocks that many of our Autoharps feature are made from laminated rock maple and are coated for extra strength. Then a high frequency, waterproof glue is used to laminate and protect the pin blocks from humidity and wear. They hold the tuning pins in place where the strings attach and ensure that your Autoharp has unbeatable strength and durability."